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Rachel Doller is a visual artist from Tatura and is known for her strong use of colour, shape and pattern.

Doller was brought up in an environment where art was accessible and being surrounded by artistic influences she has always created. She grew up on the family farm but in her late teens was wooed by the bright lights of the big city. After living in Melbourne, Ireland, Scotland and Fremantle she has returned to regional Victoria.

Doller’s work echoes personal musings which are reflected in a variety of styles from eye-catching abstract landscapes, expressive still life compositions and geometric assemblages. Using a variety of media including acrylic, cut paper, oil pastel and recycled/found objects, Doller creates pieces that are bold and graphic with colour combinations that are dynamic and engaging. 

Inspired by the fact that art is a cultivar of ideas and feelings, Doller’s distinctive visual language is reflective of her everyday; the joy, the fear and the need for change.

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